Heavy Duty Work Lamps

QUATTRO ELITE 35w/55w/70w

The Quattro Elite H.I.D Xenon driving light is an Australian designed and assembled lamp, which is manufactured from the very latest high tech, composite materials. They feature a die-cast aluminium free form reflector, which acts as a heat sink , ensuring maximum bulb life. The design team have researched the very best features required in a driving light and have combined it into one ultimate lamp. The Quattro Elites feature a multi-volt internal ballast and heavy duty, easy adjust mounting bracket which supports 1/3 of the lamp body. All lamps come complete with clear lens covers and a wiring harness.


  • 5910 Lumens
  • 60 Watt
  • 5amp @ 12 Volts
  • -40 to +80
  • 5mm 316 S/Steel
  • 2.5 kg
  • Deutsch DT 2 Pin